ApEngage - to help marketers

Recently, the cost of attracting new users of mobile applications has increased significantly. Therefore, there is a demand for tools to minimize costs. One of them may be the ApEngage service. Its beta version was recently launched by Apsalar.

The developers call their platform a “solution for mobile behavioral advertising.”  It uses data analysis algorithms and predictive models based on the profiles of 230 million users.  According to the creators of ApEngage, it will allow developers to find an audience that is interested in games of specific genres.  Marketing specialists will also be able to use this toolkit for a kind of “reactivation” of well-paying users, for cross-promotion of other applications, etc. 

Commenting on the launch of the ApEngage platform, Apsalar CEO Mike Oiknain noted that it is designed to help mobile app marketers find the best, “most profitable” users.

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