"Transformers" will help DeNa in expansion to the West

Japanese mobile gaming giant DeNA has announced that as part of its development strategy in Western markets, the company has signed a partnership agreement with Hasbro to release mobile games based on the popular Transformers franchise for Europe and the United States.

DeNA has already begun to “capture” the Western audience by offering it localization of a number of Japanese games. In particular, her product Rage of Bahamuth (a collectible card game) held the first place in the chart of the most “cash” games in the American Google Play and was in high positions in the tops of other countries. In accordance with the aforementioned agreement concluded for three years, the Transformers franchise games will be released for iOS and Android through the Mobage social gaming platform owned by DeNA. The first of them will be released in the USA this year. By the way, the company draws attention to the fact that “Transformers” games will not be released for Japan.

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