Barnes & Noble is working on a new tablet

Based on the trends of the mini-tablet market, Barnes & Noble announced its intentions to release a tablet that could compete with Google and Amazon devices both in terms of price category and technological features.

Barnes & Noble has already entered the market with the Nook Tablet device and the Nook Color tablet reader. Now they are ready to start developing a new 7-inch tablet, a feature of which, according to the CNET resource, will be the screen. In addition, it would be quite logical to use the existing capabilities of the company as a manufacturer of e-books in the potential of the tablet.

In addition to the unique tablet screen, an impressive Barnes & Noble bookstore can be an advantage. Accordingly, in the future, you can count on the fact that the Nook Store will also have sections for music and videos.

The new Nook tablet will run on Android, and not on Windows 8, as expected, although some cooperation with Microsoft is not excluded: it may be Xbox Live support.

Presumably, the price of the new tablet from Barnes & Noble will be set at $ 200. The release is scheduled for this fall.

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