iOS 6 beta 3: What's new

Yesterday Apple released iOS 6 beta 3, which is currently available exclusively for developers. What’s new?


In the “Settings” there is an additional item “Maps”, where you can choose the units of measurement (miles / kilometers), the size and language of the captions on the map, as well as the volume of navigation prompts. In addition, traffic jams and accidents should now be displayed on the maps.


The bookmarks menu has changed slightly in the mobile browser: icons indicating the history, the reading list and the bookmarks themselves have appeared in it. There is also a read sync button.


Now all users’ email addresses will use the domain @icloud.com instead of @me.com . Those who already have mail with the old domain will automatically receive a similar address with the new one.

What else?

– The “Reply” and “Reject” buttons have reappeared in FaceTime
– iMessage on iPad now displays phone number

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