Prices for iPad mini in Russia change every day

The cost of the Apple mini-tablet, sales of which will start in Russia tomorrow, has changed significantly over the past night. 

Just yesterday, the expected price for a Wi-Fi model with 16 GB in Re:The cost was 14,990 rubles . Today, the price tag of the device from the official retailer Apple fell by one and a half thousand rubles – to 13,490 rubles.

The prices for other versions of the small tablet have also changed. If yesterday 18,990 rubles were asked for an iPad mini with 32 GB, and with 64 GB – 22,990 rubles, today – 17,490 rubles and with 64 GB – 21,490 rubles, respectively. 

As a result, attention, the price of Apple products, for the first time in our memory, turned out to be lower than the average in the gray market. Recall that the iPad mini cost 13,650 rubles yesterday at the shuttle workers. Today, however, in proportion to the decrease in the official cost of the iPad mini, the “gray price” for the mini-tablet has also fallen. For example, now the version with 16 GB can be found in online stores for 12,300 rubles. 

The question arises: why? Analysts have been predicting increased demand and, as a result, a shortage of these devices on the Russian market for a long time. But the obvious approximation of the tablet price to the European one – at 275 euros (11,000 rubles) speaks both about Apple’s struggle with the gray market and its desire to meet Russian users halfway.

Also, the following thought came to us: what if such a decision is a kind of experiment of an Apple company, whose pricing policy in Russia has not been very successful in all previous years? And in case of significant sales, should we expect a reduction in the cost of other Apple gadgets? 

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