There is no money in China

About whether it is possible to earn money in China, there are disputes quite often. There are publishers who claim that it is simply “necessary to be able”, there are those who say that it is not even worth trying. According to the data published on the Chinese portal tech.sina.com The latter are right: on average, a developer receives only $0.03 (i.e. only 3 cents) from each download of an iOS application in China.

This is due to the fact that the Chinese, in principle, do not like to pay – even those who have an iPhone or iPad. And even the fact that since November 2011, Apple has started accepting payments in local currency has made little difference. According to the App Annie report, the top 10 Chinese developers receive 90% of their profits from users from other countries.

Note that in the Japanese App Store, each download brings the author of the application about 40 cents, and the “arithmetic mean” around the world – 19 cents.


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