Will the developers save RIM?

Research in Motion (RIM) is investing $100 million in developing a developer community for its BlackBerry platform.

This was reported by the e27 blog, covering the development of technology in the Asian region. The company announced this initiative on July 9 in Singapore at an event from the BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour series.

As you know, RIM has been in a very unenviable position lately. The stock is falling in price. The last financial report reported operating losses of $192 million. The release of BlackBerry 10 has been postponed to next year. Apparently, the company sees the expansion of the development community as one of the ways to improve the situation. It is also worth adding that according to the data obtained by analysts from Vision Mobile, the average earnings of a developer per application is the highest among those who make programs for the BlackBerry platform.  

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