Sega Networks - a new vector of development of the old company

Sega has created a new division of Sega Networks, focused on creating games for smartphones and tablets.

This decision was made as part of the implementation of the company’s new strategy, which focuses on the digital business, and the restructuring taking place in this regard. Since July 1, four Sega offices in Europe and one in Australia have been closed, which previously were mainly engaged in the distribution of “boxed” products.  Thus, the company reduces the structures associated with traditional business, and transfers resources to the digital direction in general and to mobile games in particular.

The new Sega Networks division will be based in Tokyo, and will be headed by Haruki Satomi, who currently holds the position of senior vice president of Sega of America for digital business. It is reported that the starting staff of Sega Networks has 211 employees.   

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