Cross-platform is the key to success

Zipline Games, a small studio from Seattle, which about a year ago offered the first public beta of a toolkit for developing cross-platform mobile projects called Moai, continues to attract investment. This speaks in favor of its popularity among developers.

Creating cross–platform games is one of the hottest topics in the mobile entertainment industry. During the beta testing, 6 thousand developers used the Moai platform.

The solution is based on the LUA script language, and the Moai SDK (both a free version and a commercial license are available), among other things, gives developers the opportunity to use the Moai Cloud cloud service. The latest release of the Moai SDK is designed to create mobile games for iOS and Android, as well as native applications for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Chrome browsers.

It should be noted that the work of Zipline Games attracted not only developers, but also investors, who recently added another 750 thousand dollars to the contribution to its development. Previously, the company has already received $2 million in financing from venture capitalists. 

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