Unsurprising Spider-Man

The new game based on the movie franchise The Amazing Spider-Man quite predictably shows excellent performance. In 7 countries, she climbed to the very top of the paid apps chart, and in 40 she was in the top five. 

For Gameloft, this is the third project under a movie license in the last six months. What is important, it is again very successful, despite the fact that critics took it much colder than the previous Ice Age Village and Men in Black 3. 

Perhaps the fact is that this time the French developers abandoned experiments with social mechanics and went down the beaten path for themselves, making a bright, colorful, but very artless blockbuster game. 

The project was among the top five highest-grossing apps for iPad and the top ten for iPhone for almost a week at a price of $6.99. By the way, Gameloft’s previous movie projects – Ice Age Village and Men in Black 3 – were free.

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