The rapid growth of PlayPhone SGN

The startup PlayPhone from San Jose (California), which created a mobile gaming social network of the same name, shared with Venturebeat some interesting figures reflecting the results of its activities since January of this year.Actually, the official launch of the PlayPhone SGN (Social Gaming Network) network, which supports devices based on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, took place in mid-December 2011.

And by the end of January 2012, the MAU of the service amounted to 1 million. At that time, this million people played about 3 million sessions a month. Today, the service already has 45 million registered users. In June, its MAU was a significant 4.1 million.

PlayPhone was able to achieve this thanks to three things: support for most of the platforms present on the market, including Apple iOS, Android, Flash, Windows Phone 7 and HTML5; the ability of users of one platform to play at the same “virtual table” with users of other platforms, and also, apparently, we understand that content is “everything”. A month after the launch, the network had about a thousand development partners, and today there are more than 4 thousand of them.According to CEO Ron Czerny, the team has set a goal to achieve a MAU of 20 million by the end of the year and raise the number of registered users to 100 million.

And the maximum program is to become the No. 1 mobile social gaming network in North America.We won’t be able to see whether it will succeed in pushing such major players as Zynga, Gree and DeNA-Ngmoco until January next year.


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