The Baseball Superstars series has gained 40 million downloads

The Korean publisher Gamevil on Independence Day, traditionally celebrated in the United States on July 4, announced that a series of games under the Baseball Superstars brand has surpassed the bar of 40 million installations.

The Baseball Superstars series took 4 years to complete. In honor of the release, Gamevil even introduced the dynamics of downloads:

The first franchise game was released on the App Store in July 2008 

September 2008 – 7 million downloads

June 2009 – 10 million downloads

November 2011 – 30 million downloads

May 2012 – 40 million downloads

This is more clearly presented in the infographic below:

Installations were counted on all platforms on which the game was released, including both the already traditional iOS and Android, as well as regular mobile phones. 

In just 4 years, Gamevil has released more than 20 apps under this brand only on iOS and Google Play, including various HD, Lite and Free versions. 

But here’s what I would like to emphasize here: sports games that bring huge profits to giants like EA on consoles and PCs and are traditionally among the top-grossing projects, are still very modestly presented on mobile platforms. Using the example of Baseball Superstars, it is perfectly clear that this topic is very much in demand and, with proper implementation, is a success.  

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