Sweet birds

Edible news: sweets under the Angry Birds brand will appear on the Russian market this fall. The Finnish concern Fazer is already engaged in their manufacture under license.

According to the newspaper “Delovoy Peterburg”, the company Fazer, well known in the domestic market for its chocolate and bakery products, will present marmalade with “Angry Birds” on the Russian market in a few months. 

Representatives of the company assure that the design and taste of the new candies was developed jointly with the authors of the original game, employees of Rovio. 

Apparently, Fazer decided to come to the Russian market with this product after it found out that the number of Angry Birds downloads in Russia was about 20 million. 

Edible birds have been on sale in Finland since May of this year.

This is all about the question of promotion. Although here, most likely, the initiative originally came from Fazer, interested in increasing sales of its marmalade, rather than from Rovio. Be that as it may, for the latter, this is nothing more than another proof of the success of the brand, which for many is itself a sales engine. 

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