Is RIM all right?

Despite financial problems, the recent postponement of BlackBerry 10 to next year and a decline in sales, the executive director of RIM assures that nothing bad is happening with the company.

Thorsten Heins, in an interview with one of the Canadian radio stations, said that Research In Motion is still in order, since it still exists at the moment. 

Haines took over the company just six months ago, replacing Mike Lazaridis, who led RIM to success at the time.

However, there is an opinion that Haynes is a little deceitful, because in the six months that he heads the company, its shares have lost half their value. Moreover, Haines himself managed to hire bankers in order for them to consider, among other things, the possibility of bankruptcy or sale of the company. 

Against the background of all this, as well as the fact that yesterday the company’s shares fell in price by another 2% to $7.35 (and in fact back in 2008 they were worth $147), statements like “everything is fine with the company” look at least strange. In addition, do not forget that just last week RIM announced operating losses of $192 million. Because of this, according to official commentaries, she postponed the release of new devices to next year, and also planned to reduce her staff by a third. 

Whether RIM will live up to this point is a big question. 

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