In terms of the number of activations, Ice Cream Sandwich has overtaken Gingerbread

In two months, the share of Android 4.0 among other versions of the platform has grown from a negligible 3% to 10%. Moreover, it continues to grow rapidly.   

On the eve of the release of Jelly Bean, the popularity of the fourth version of Android has gone up. According to the latest Google report, ICS accounts for a significant 10.7% of all Android-based devices. By the way, back in April, the share of the “fourth edition” was only 2.9%. 

Ben Evans, an analyst at Enders Analysis, assures that the number of ICS-based device activations in recent days has exceeded the number of Gingerbread activations, which has not happened before. If 64.6% of all devices were functioning on Gingerbread on the first of June, then on June 15 their number decreased to 64.2%. At the moment, the share of this version has fallen to 63.6%.

More specifically, over the past two weeks, 10 million Ice Cream Sandwich-based devices and 7 million Gingerbread-based devices have been activated.  

However, Evans notes that since Google’s data is based on statistics obtained only from Google Play, they are not representative. So it’s difficult to talk about the real state of affairs on the Android platform. And it’s not worth switching abruptly to developing projects for Android 4.0 right now.    

In addition, it is necessary to understand that budget models will continue to be produced on the old versions of the platform. For this reason, mass market capture by the fourth version of the platform should not be expected even after the release of Jelly Bean.

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