Latest data on the US mobile platform market

comScore has published its next quarterly review of the American market of mobile devices and platforms. According to him, 234 million people use mobile devices in the United States, Samsung is slowing its growth, and Android still accounts for more than half of the OS market. 

Since last February, Samsung’s position has not changed much: the Korean company’s share in the American market (both smartphones and conventional handsets) has grown by only 0.1% to 25.7% in three months. Apple performed best, consolidating its position by a solid 1.5%. Now Yablochniki has exactly 15% of the US mobile market. As for the other players, they all experienced a decline.

The Android platform, of course, still occupies more than 50% of the market. Over the spring, its share has grown by a modest 0.8%. The share of iOS has grown by 1.7% over the same time. So now Apple has 31.9% of the market. Microsoft, despite the active promotion of Lumia, in particular, and the entire OS, as a whole, has grown by a meager About 1%. 

comScore also conducted a study asking users how they use their devices. As a result, it turned out that 33.5% of respondents play games. Compared to February, their number has increased markedly – by 1.3%. In other words, in one spring there were 3 million more mobile gamers in the USA.

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