Will Microsoft Surface become the "killer" of the iPad?

Only 10 days have passed since the announcement by Microsoft of the Surface tablet running Windows 8, and Russian analysts from Hi-Tech@Mail.Ru has already managed to conduct a small study regarding how Russian users perceive the new OS and tablets on it.

According to the results of the study, 41% of the approximately 14 thousand respondents who took part in the survey consider Microsoft Surface to be the “killers” of the Apple iPad. 

It is worth noting that the majority of the Russian audience (74%) does not support the idea that the Surface is plagiarism from the iPad. 85% of the total number of respondents liked the new tablets from Microsoft. At the same time, only a third of respondents (32%) named Windows 8 as the most promising operating system on the tablet market. Experts explain this result by the previous failures of the Redmond corporation in the tablet market. 

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