Tablet users spend more on content

This conclusion was reached by analysts from Frank N. Magid, who conducted a study of trends in the mobile market – Magid Media Futures: Mobile 2012, commissioned by PlayFirst. Special attention was paid to tablets and the behavior of their users.

So, according to the results of this study, the average smartphone user has added about 10 games to his game library over the past year, and the number of downloads of gaming applications from “tablets” has exceeded two dozen. 23% of tablet users were covered by “monetization”, and the average cost of purchasing virtual objects was $62. For smartphones, these figures are significantly lower – 14% and $25, respectively.  It should also be noted that among tablet users, games were in second place in popularity, second only to web browsing and ahead of such activities as watching videos, “hanging on social networks”, listening to music, etc.

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