Google unveils Nexus 7

At the Google I/O conference currently taking place in San Francisco, the search giant officially announced its own tablet, which is produced by the Korean company Asus.

However, the leak that happened the other day spoiled the whole surprise. And it’s not that the day before yesterday everyone could find a photo of a novelty on the Web. It’s just that Gizmodo Australia, having published detailed characteristics of the device, reduced the whole intrigue to “no”. 

Actually, the novelty from Google is a 7-inch tablet based on a 4-core 1.3 Mhz processor from Tegra 3, whose 8 GB version will cost $199, and the 16 GB version will cost $249. The tablet is called the Nexus 7, its screen resolution is 1280 by 800 pixels, and a 12-core GPU is responsible for the graphics. RAM – 1 GB. The stated working time is 8 hours. 

Journalists from Engadget, who have already managed to get acquainted with the tablet, assure that the Nexus 7 fits perfectly in the hand: it is noticeably lighter and slightly thinner than the Kindle Fire. As for the screen, in terms of picture quality, brightness and viewing angles, it is at the level of expensive devices. 

There are also enough disadvantages in the Nexus 7. There is no 3G in it, so you will have to look for the nearest Wi-Fi point every time to connect to the Internet. The tablet has only one camera – the front one. It is also disappointing that there will be no versions with large amounts of memory. Yes, despite the high performance, as Engadget claims, it is still inferior in speed to such Android flagships as the Galaxy S III and HTC One X. 

The Nexus 7 will be the first Android 4.1 device. The tablet will be released in the US, UK, Canada and Australia markets in mid-July. 

Yes, it’s funny, in the novel by the American science fiction writer Philip K. Dick, “Do Androids Dream of electrodogs” (based on it, Ridley Scott shot the now cult film Blade Runner with Harrison Ford in the title role in 1982) Nexus 6 is the latest model of replicants (cyborgs) indistinguishable from humans. 

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