Infinity Blade is Epic's most Profitable game

During the GDC Taipei Summit 2012 conference, held on June 26-27, Epic Games executive director Tim Sweeney said that the Infinity Blade game for iOS has become his company’s most profitable project, even in comparison with the super-hit console series Gears of War.

However, here it is necessary to clarify the meaning that was put into these words. According to the Gamasutra gaming industry resource, when talking about profitability, he meant the ratio of the “man-years” spent to the income received from the product. So here, apparently, it is still worth talking not about profitability, but about the profitability of Infinity Blade.

We should add that in his speech Sweeney also noted that the development of smartphones and tablets is happening much faster than one would expect in accordance with Moore’s law and, of course, this should be taken into account.

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