Microsoft won't Sell Surface

Microsoft isn’t really going to promote its tablet. By introducing Windows 8 on the Surface, the company will leave the market. 

Insists on it Stan Shih, founder of Acer. In his opinion, Microsoft will earn more on the sale of OS licenses than on the production of its own tablet. 

The announcement of Surface, from Shi’s point of view, is something like a “kick in the ass” to real manufacturers of mobile devices running Windows 8. By presenting such a bright tablet, Microsoft simply demonstrates exactly what it expects from its partners. 

Recall that for the latter, the announcement of the Surface turned out to be a real surprise. Many companies have quite officially stated that they knew nothing about the plans of the Redmond company. 

Shi’s point of view is shared by mobile market analysts. Permanent author Pocketgamer.biz Keith Andrew believes that “Surface is the image of a tablet that Microsoft wants to get from other manufacturers.” The domestic guru Eldar Murtazin also says this: “sales of MS Surface do not play any role, this is a device for demonstrating Windows RT.” 

However, Microsoft itself is understandably silent on this issue. Whether everything is as simple as Shi says about it, time will tell. 

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