Zynga Launches Zynga With Friends cross-platform network

Yesterday in San Francisco, Zynga held a press conference called Zynga Unleashed 2012, at which a number of announcements were made.  The greatest interest was aroused by the announcement of the creation of a new social network Zynga With Friends, through which the company intends to unite users of its products on several platforms – iOS, Android and Facebook.

Among the announced functional features of Zynga With Friends: a kind of “social lobby”, friends’ activity feed, chat, result tables, etc. In addition, multiplayer, including synchronous, will be implemented.   

We add that at the same briefing, Zynga announced new participants in the partner program for the development of mobile games: Atari, Crash Lab, Fat Pebble, Phosphor Games Studio and Sava Transmedia. 

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