The growth rate of free games for iOS (June 19 – June 25)

In the American App Store in the iPhone version, the most popular game is Flow Free, developed and published by just one person. The best growth for the week was shown by the bdsm clone Temple Run: Brave.

Flow Free

Flow Free logic puzzle has been topping the American top free iPhone games for the second week. For the developer (yes, yes, he’s only one here) from Big Duck Games, this is the second major success. The first time Mike Big Duck (Mike Big Duck), as he calls himself, loudly declared himself almost a year ago, releasing a completely uncomplicated entertainment (you can’t call it otherwise) Fireworks Arcade.

It’s hard to say how much Mike earned on fireworks, but apparently he still can’t afford an artist. The fact is that Flow Free looks as budget-friendly as its predecessor. As for the mechanics of the game, it is very difficult to call it original. There are quite a lot of similar logical projects where it is necessary to connect colored dots with lines.

Flow Free stands out among them with a number of interesting features. Actually, the game goes to them. For example, there is not one playing field in the game, as it often happens, but as many as 10, differing in size from each other. There is even a speed mode where levels are generated randomly.

Escape Bear

Escape Bear has grown in the top of free iPhone games by as much as 623 positions in just a week, reaching the 5th line in the gaming chart. And this is against the background of the frenzied popularity of the recently released Temple Run: Brave, whose gloomy clone the game is. Its role was probably played by the fact that the game adaptation of the cartoon Brave is a paid application, unlike the creation of Humble Gaming.

At the same time, Escape Bear parodied the new Temple Run. If in the original project the main character is being chased by a bear, then in the clone the clubfoot is trying to escape from prison through a tunnel full of flying axes and pits with sinners.

Growth rates on iPad

The top free games on the iPad is headed by the free (read, with advertising banners) version of Angry Birds Space HD, released on June 21.  It is difficult to say how long it will last in the first place, but, for comparison, the iPhone version of the “novelty” did not even reach the top of the chart.

The new electronic version of Magic: The Gathering performed very well (it appears in the store as Magic 2013). It has been in the top ten most popular free iPad games for almost a week. However, judging by the jumping indicators, either the classic card game is too much fun for a mobile player, or not everyone is happy that there is no multiplayer in its free version.

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