iPad is important!

Many companies are now saying that the iPad is a replacement for large consoles. Gameloft clearly explains why.

The French forge of mobile blockbusters recently published Asphalt 7: Heat on iOS as a universal application (a single file for all Apple mobile devices). At a cost of $0.99, the game almost instantly topped the charts of paid iPhone apps in 17 countries and, please note, the charts of paid iPad apps in 51 countries.

Of course, this does not mean that most of the downloads or revenue necessarily came from the iPad, and that’s not the point. A completely different moment is indicative here: if on the iPad the competition is for the first places mainly between games, then on the iPhone other types of applications are actively fighting for the user. 


You are welcome! If you look only at the game charts, then the difference between the platforms in terms of the number of countries where Asphalt 7: Heat is the leader is not 34 markets, as mentioned above, but only 10. The iPhone version of the game tops 47 paid gaming charts, and the iPad version of Asphalt 7: Heat is 57. Here the results are already quite correlated. However, it turns out that for games that focus on graphics, as Asphalt 7: Heat does, devices with large screens (iPad 2 and iPad 3) are more suitable. At least that’s what users think when voting with a dollar.

In other words, the iPhone is still a working device, while the iPad is already perceived by many, first of all, as a game console.  

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