Samsung will pay more attention to software

The new executive director of Samsung once again stated that in order to maintain a leading position in the market, the company needs to take a close look at software.

The focus on the development of original software will increase sales of mobile devices in the future,” the company realized, which, according to analysts, is currently the leading vendor in the smartphone market.

“The emphasis in new developments should be on giving the user a new experience. This needs to be done by strengthening our positions in software, design, and various software solutions,” Kwon Oh-hyun said in his inaugural speech this Monday.

The new director did not specify exactly how much Samsung plans to spend on “strengthening” the company’s software division, but his position is quite consistent with the policy of the previous CEO.

However, whether this means that TouchWiz will finally stop slowing down is not entirely clear. 

Be that as it may, strengthening its presence in the platform market is a sober thought and, importantly, relevant in the light of recent events. Recall that in May, Google closed a deal to acquire Motorola Mobility. And, as we know, despite the fact that Samsung has already spent a lot on original developments, most of its smartphones run on Android. As for the long – suffering Bada, created by a Korean company, then it does not enjoy success in the world.

So, in order to strengthen the position of its mobile platform, the world’s largest manufacturer of flat-screen TVs and screens, memory cards and smartphones has to make various deals. For example, at the beginning of this May, Samsung acquired the American mobile content provider mSpot.

Yes, a few words about the new CEO: Dr. Kwon has been the head of Samsung‘s chip manufacturing and sales division since 2008. We will find out in a couple of years what his board will lead to as an executive director of an entire company.

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