Nokia is going down

The development of the secret Meltemi OS for low-cost smartphones was discontinued by Nokia due to budget cuts of the company. 

At least that’s what AllThingsD journalists think, claiming that the same goal is pursued by a massive reduction in the number of employees of the company. Recall that the other day Nokia decided to lay off about 10 thousand people by 2013, as well as close its only plant in Finland. 

By firing and closing potentially strong projects, the company’s management is apparently trying to somehow reduce costs (and at the same time get $ 1.3 billion). In other words, to reduce losses by reducing production, which indicates a catastrophic situation.

However, a lot says about the disaster: A 40% drop in shipments over the quarter, the reduction of Nokia’s credit rating to the so-called “junk” level by three leading rating agencies, the failure of Lumia, putting Vertu on sale for a ridiculous price.

It is felt that the bankruptcy of the company, brought to this state by the American management, is not far off. 

And although there are still naive people who believe that Microsoft will buy the company from day to day, and Nokia is waiting for a revival. It seems to me that there is nothing to revive at the moment. The best specialists of the company, its production capabilities, its best developments are either overboard of a sinking ship, or they will be there soon.

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