The9 shared her successes

The Chinese publisher spoke about his own achievements in the field of distribution of mobile projects.

The online operator The9 publishes mobile games in China. Moreover, as it became known the other day, quite successfully. At the moment, the company’s products have accumulated about 12 million downloads in total. The9 Game Zone’s social gaming network also has something to boast about: more than 10 million people are registered in it. The company promises that by the end of this year, more than 1,000 games will be available to users of the service. At the moment, The9 can offer players “only” 880 projects, half of which were created by Western developers. 

The9 was able to achieve such success thanks not only to localization, but also to the adaptation of game texts to the cultural realities of the country, as well as changes in the monetization of Western products. The Chinese are reluctant to pay for a game if it can’t be played for free. But if they get involved in the gameplay, but they will not spare money for micropayments. 

Today, China is considered one of the most promising, strategically important markets. Only the number of mobile Internet users in it is about 1 billion people. Any developer can see the huge potential of the market, which, at the same time, is not without major problems: the low income of the majority of mobile device users, the ubiquitous piracy in China and increased fragmentation, if we talk about Android (there are a huge number of “local” manufacturers of cheap smartphones in China, whose devices may not support even the most popular games).  

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