Apple and Samsung are the kings of the smartphone market

It was the devices of these companies that accounted for 90% of revenue from the global smartphone market in the first quarter of this year. But Nokia’s performance continues to fall, and very, very rapidly. The number of shipments of its smartphones in the world decreased by 40% compared to the same period a year ago, equaling RIM’s shipments in terms of indicators. 

Judging by the latest data published by ABI Research, the total smartphone market growth of 41% (compared to the results for the first quarter in 2011) has a positive effect only on Apple and Samsung. As the company’s analyst Michael Morgan notes in his latest report, it was these two companies that accounted for 90% of market revenues. Curiously, their total share is much less in global shipments of devices – 55%, which indicates, first of all, that no one buys their competitors’ devices.

The growth in shipments is observed only at Samsung and Sony (a slight drop at Apple is probably due to high sales of its smartphones at the time of launch, as well as during the Christmas period). In total, Samsung distributed 43 million devices in the first quarter, and Apple – 35 million.

Surprisingly, although it is quite expected that RIM has equaled Nokia in terms of shipments. And there is no merit of Canadians here. It’s just that their results fell “only” by 20%, and not by all 40%, like the Finns. As a result, Nokia has 11.9 million in deliveries, RIM has 11.1 million.    

Sony and Huawei have the most modest results. The number of devices delivered by each of the companies is about 7 million copies. And if these are modest results for Sony, then this is a very good figure for a Chinese company. 

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