The first stellar releases of the summer

Last week, three star companies immediately pleased the industry with their fresh releases. So it is possible that very soon we are waiting for news about the next records of NimbleBit, Rovio and Imangi. 

The authors of Pocket Frogs, the Marsh brothers, have released a casual Pocket Planes airline simulator that strongly resembles both in mechanics and visually their previous hit Tiny Tower. In the game, distributed for free, the user will have to build a fleet of aircraft.

Micromanagement in the game ocean and small sea: each plane must be personally not only sent on a journey to a particular city, but improved, painted, loaded with passengers or cargo, as well as choose and customize pilots. On the other hand, this red tape, first of all, and catches in the project. 

The Finns, after the success of Angry Birds Space, in turn, realized what else their slightly bored series of games about birds could earn them. If earlier Rovio tried to add a bit of diversity to the visual component, now, probably, each new release will be accompanied by new physics. 

In the updated Angry Birds Seasons, there is water and really challenging levels. In some of them, it is necessary to launch birds into the water so that they then float up in a kind of cave where pigs have settled. And only after this ascent, you need to activate their abilities. The gameplay has once again changed beyond recognition. 

As for the authors of the still super-popular Temple Run, they, together with Disney, have finally released the game Temple Run: Brave, which differs from the original, by and large, only in graphics and a price tag of one evergreen dollar. By the way, we wrote about this project in detail before its release.  

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