PopCap shares numbers

PopCap has published a report according to which users in the US and the UK spend half of the time they spend on electronic entertainment in general on mobile games.

In other words, if a hypothetical John plays Mass Effect 3 on PlayStation 3, as well as DragonVale on iPad, then he spends about the same amount of time on both platforms for both games. At least, that’s what the survey data conducted by PopCap says. 

The company’s specialists also claim that in the United States, the number of people who have played a mobile game at least once over the past month has increased by 45% compared to last year. Moreover, the average age of a mobile player is 39.5 years (far from being a child’s age). 36% of mobile players own a tablet. And this number is growing rapidly – over the past 12 months, the audience of tablet computers has increased by 11 million people. Moreover, 40% of those who used to play on both mobile phones/smartphones and tablets, now increasingly prefer to play on tablets, using tubes for their intended purpose. And they play much more time on tablets. 

Important: Half (51%) of the surveyed mobile gamers said that last year they spent real money to buy mobile games, game currency or some other game content. 37% – almost a third of respondents – are going to spend $10 this year and next, and almost 20% plan to spend about $50 on mobile games.

The full version of the report can be found here

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