Not everyone will fully support iOS 6

iOS 6 fully supports, as Indian journalists found out, only iPhone 4S. All other mobile devices of the company were functionally deprived of one or another function. So, apparently, fragmentation on this platform is becoming an increasingly urgent problem with each new Apple release. 

Journalists iGyaan.in who have carefully read the specification of the new version of iOS, even prepared a detailed sign in which they noted all the new features of the platform, as well as its support by one or another gadget of the Cupertino company.  

As we can see, Apple’s management has approached this issue quite selectively: only iPhone 4S will fully support iOS 6.

In principle, such a picture of compatibility is quite expected (not counting, of course, the complete rejection of support for the first iPad against the background of partial support for the older iPhone 3GS). But, on the other hand, with each update, Apple is getting closer to Android, for which fragmentation is, as they say, one of the main vices, vices that Apple itself refuses to admit. 

By the way, for those who still don’t know, iOS 6 is already available for developers, but users will get it at their disposal only in the fall.

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