Mopapp is a new player in the mobile analytics market

A new service has appeared on the mobile market – Mopapp. With its help, developers can now track the number of installations, the quality of reviews, the income received, as well as the effectiveness of promotions in the simplest, most accessible form. 

What is especially important is that to access all this data, developers, when using Mopapp, do not need to put its SDK or some other code in their applications. 

Mopapp extracts information directly from official app stores like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Windows Marketplace and BlackBerry App World, as well as from independent ones – GetJar, Handango and MobiHand. Mopapp also has access to InMobi and AdMob data. Moreover, the service collects all Flurry analytics and gives it to users “on a silver platter”. 

Small independent teams can use the basic version of the service, which is available for free. Mopapp plans to make money on large, corporate clients who will be willing to pay the company for advanced functionality. The price in each case will be determined separately. For medium-sized companies, Mopapp offers advanced functionality relative to the basic version for $ 9 per month. 

At the moment, the service works with about 40 thousand applications, According to Rissoli, his service is currently tracking about half a million unique devices. 

By the way, in February, CRIF Worldwide invested about 1.5 million pounds in the service.  

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