White Nights: Day two!

The second and final day of the White Nights: Mobile Games Conference, dedicated to the development and promotion of mobile games, will be held in St. Petersburg today.

The day promises to be a little less eventful, but in no way less interesting than the first one, because representatives of companies such as Big Fish Games, Alawar, I-Free, nordic, Contre Jour, Papaya and Playmous studio, well known for the Tap the Frog 2 series of projects, participate in it with their performances. with the report “All aspects of a mobile hit”.

Mobile white nights will end at half past ten in the evening with a round table with mobile game developers, at which the guys from JoyBits, the authors of Doodle God and Doodle Devil promised to appear, among others.

We remind you that the conference is being held at the Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge, and its progress can be monitored via our Twitter.  

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