Box office hits 06.06.2012 - 14.06.2012

Rage of Bahamut – the main blockbuster of spring from Mobage – is now in the lead on iPhone; Order & Chaos© Online returns to the iPad games chart after a long absence; Rule the Kingdom is a new face in the Google Play app store.


1 (1). Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North – free

2 (6). Rage of Bahamut – free

3 (2). DragonVale – free

4 (3). Poker by Zynga – free

5 (8). Plague Inc. – $0,99

6 (4). Slotomania – free

7 (5). Bejeweled Blitz – free

8 (7). Minecraft: Pocket Edition – $6,99

9 (34). Original Gangstaz – free

10 (15). – Tap Paradise Cove – free

The brainchild of Mobage – Rage of Bahamut is now in the lead on the iPhone. However, how long the game will stay here is not entirely clear. Having taken the first position on the 12th, on June 13 it has already slipped, as you can see, to the second. Whether the project will be able to compete for a place in the sun with other players in the market for a long time, as it successfully does on Android, we will find out in a week.

Of the newcomers in the top, only Original Gangstaz from Machine Zone, which unexpectedly managed to get into the top ten box office games for iPhone only a year after the release (this means that success does not come immediately).


1 (1). DragonVale – free

2 (3). Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North – free

3 (4). Poker by Zynga – free

4 (5). Slotomania HD – free

5 (17). Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure – free

6 (9). Bejeweled Blitz – free

7 (7). Modern War – free

8 (11). Slotomania – free

9 (12). Order & Chaos© Online – $6,99

10. (13) Bingo Bash HD – free

The top five cash applications have undergone a minimum of changes in eight days. Only now, instead of The Tribez HD, which dropped out of the top 10 altogether, another game from Game Insight appeared – Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure. As for the second five, then everything is a little more curious.

Firstly, after a long absence, one of the most ambitious games of last year, Order, returned to the top ten & Chaos© Online. In April, by the way, the game celebrated its first birthday. Secondly, the real bingo appeared in the top in tenth place, namely Bingo Bash HD from BitRhymes, for which this is only the second project after the frankly unsuccessful release of 2009 KickAss.


1 (1). Rage of Bahamut – free

2 (2). Slotomania – free

3 (5). Slot City – Slot Machines – free

4 (3). Zynga Poker – free

5 (4). Live Holdem Poker Pro – free

6 (was below the 170th position). Angry Birds Space – free

7 (29). Rule the Kingdom – free

8 (6). Tap Fish – free

9 (9). Temple Run – free

10 (11). Monster Park – free

There are two significant changes in the Android box office top: the return to the top ten of Angry Birds Space from Rovio and the appearance in it of the March release from Game Insight – Rule the Kingdom – a curious synthesis of a role-playing game and a farm. Otherwise, everything on the Android platform is still the same: Rage of Bahamut is on top, followed by gambling entertainment.

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