Mobile entertainment will bring in $65 billion already in 2016

Juniper Research has estimated that by 2016, the revenues of the mobile entertainment sector will amount to $65 billion. The main growth catalyst will be the actively growing tablet computer market.

According to Juniper Research, in 2011, the profit from mobile entertainment in 2011 amounted to $36 billion. However, the growing popularity of games in 5 years will double these figures.

However, it’s not just about games. The author of the report, Dr. Windsor Holden, claims that applications for watching streaming videos, multi-user projects or gambling are much better performed on tablets than on mobile phones. Due to this, the interest in these entertainment services is more relevant among tablet owners.  

In addition, according to the calculations of the company’s analyst, the market is moving towards the East: to China and East Asia. In the future, it is the countries of this region that will account for most of the revenues.

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