There are already 100,000 apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace!

According to the latest All About Windows Phone report, today there are more than 100 thousand different applications in the Windows Phone Marketplace app store.

However, of these, about 10 thousand programs are no longer available for download. About one and a half thousand more applications require updates, are in beta testing. So it turns out that you can download only 88 thousand with a little applications. But this figure is growing rapidly: About 313 programs are published daily in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Of course, against the background of the number of applications that iOS and Android can offer, these figures are not very impressive, but here it must be remembered that the Windows Phone Marketplace is one of the youngest stores: it has been functioning for only 20 months. And for this period, these are pretty good results. So, we can say that the Windows Phone Marketplace at this stage is almost not far behind the App Store, which managed to reach the mark of 100 thousand programs within 16 months. By the way, a quarter of the programs appeared in the Microsoft mobile app store only in the last few months. 

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