Developers have earned $5 billion on iOS

At the WWDC 2012 event, Apple employees shared impressive indicators of the iOS operating system. 

Then there will be numbers

Firstly, the number of App Store users has reached 400 million. Yes, not half a billion yet, but everything leads to that.

Secondly, the total number of downloads on the mobile platform has reached 30 billion. Recall that back in March there were 25 billion. Anyway, it turns out that on average there are 75 downloaded programs for each user. 

Thirdly, there are 650 thousand different applications in the App Store today. Of these, 225 thousand are intended for the iPad tablet. And, yes, since 2008, Apple has paid $5 billion to software developers.

By the way, at the event, Apple CEO Tim Cook also announced that citizens of 32 more countries will soon have access to the App Store. Thus, this service will operate in 152 countries.

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