Samsung wants to buy Nokia

It became known about Samsung’s claims to the fading leader. Moreover, Koreans are ready to buy Nokia for a price that is much higher than its market value. However, analysts do not understand why Samsung needed Nokia.  

Nokia shares in Finland rose by 6% after information appeared about Samsung’s desire to acquire the Finnish giant. This is not the first time rumors about this have appeared in the press. Almost exactly a year ago – on June 8, 2011 – there was a similar information. But then Nokia’s market value was $24 billion, not $11 billion (over the past three months, the company’s shares have fallen by 40%). 

No one doubts that Samsung is able to buy Nokia – the South Korean company is doing fine now: about 9 million pre-orders were placed for its latest flagship, Galaxy S III, in May (this is excluding the USA and Canada), the total number of Galaxy S I and II sold, as it recently became known, was 50 million devices, the company’s share in the mobile device market is actively growing. 

The other thing is that it’s not entirely clear what Samsung can get from buying Nokia. “Any benefit from the acquisition of Nokia – a portfolio of patents, production facilities will outweigh the complexity of integrating two companies into one,” says Nick Dillon, an analyst at Ovum. 

According to the Swedish company Dagens industri, Samsung offered 4 euros for each Nokia share – that’s $18.7 billion. – the amount of 7.7 billion. most of the value of the Finnish company at the moment. Nokia declined to comment on this information. 

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