Box office hits 30.05.2012 - 06.05.2012

One of the main events is, of course, the appearance of The Tribez HD in the second position in the top ten American box office games for iPad. As they say, they did not wait. No less interesting was the growth of the somewhat budget-looking Plague Inc. in the top box office games for iPhone, where now, by the way, you can find the Rage of Bahamut game, which still occupies first place in another box office top – top games for Android.

1 (1).

 Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North – free

2 (2). DragonVale – free

3 (3). Poker by Zynga – free

4 (4). Slotomania – free

5 (5). Bejeweled Blitz – free

6 (26). Rage of Bahamut – free

7 (6). Minecraft: Pocket Edition – $6,99

8 (86). Plague Inc. – $0,99

9 (16). Slots Journey – free

10 (35). Kingdom Age – free

Despite the fact that the first five positions have not changed for two weeks in a row, the top cash applications for iPhone still managed to surprise. Firstly, of course, the appearance of Rage of Bahamut, the main box office hit of Google Play, in sixth position. Whether he will be able to rise higher, we will find out in a week, but this is in any case a very serious bid for leadership. The second surprise was the jump of the paid game Plague Inc. up 72 positions. Apparently, the idea of infecting the entire population of the planet with a dangerous virus (of your choice, which one) turned out to be attractive.

Also in the top there is a new “one-armed pirate” – Slots Journey from FishSticks Games. The game has been a success since December 2011, so it makes sense to congratulate him. Yes, surprisingly, but the fact is: Minecraft: Pocket Edition, despite the high price tag and not the friendliest management, is still confidently in the top. As for Kingdom Age, this game, after an update released just last week, showed that GREE did not acquire Funzio for nothing.

1 (1).

 DragonVale – free

2 (24). The Tribez HD – free

3 (4). Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North – free

4 (2). Poker by Zynga – free

5 (3). Slotomania HD – free

6 (16). Kingdom Age – free

7 (5). Modern War – free

8 (9). Smurfs’ Village – free

9 (8). Bejeweled Blitz – free

10 (10). The Sims FreePlay – free

The leader of the chart is still a game from Backflip Studios, but a game from our compatriots from Game Insight unexpectedly turned out to be on its second line. The Tribez HD game has been in the top more than once, but the second position is still a record for it.

As for Kingdom Age, after the update, it returned to the box office top of the iPad immediately to the sixth position.

Android1 (1).

 Rage of Bahamut – free

2 (4). Slotomania – free

3 (2). Zynga Poker – free

4 (3). Live Holdem Poker Pro – free

5 (6). Slot City – Slot Machines – free

6 (7). Tap Fish – free

7 (8). Tiny Village FREE Game – free

8 (38). Ninja Royale – free

9 (9). Temple Run – free

10 (11). Monster Park – free

Last time we wrote that it was boring. This time I want to write about the same thing, because, despite the easy castling, the situation in the first half of the top has not changed. Rage of Bahamut sits proudly at the top of the Android apps chart, and then there are familiar gambling projects.

Ninja Royale from Mobage, by the way, responsible for Rage of Bahamut, also returned to the top. But the only real newcomer to the chart was the cheerful Monster Park from Kiwi (not to be confused with the project of the same name from Recharge Studios for iOS).

That’s it.

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