How can I increase the number of downloads?

The other day, Ben Boardman, a representative of the mobile advertising network Jumptap, shared the secrets of successful application promotion on mobile platforms in the company’s blog.

According to Boardman, previously the promotion of applications was a simple matter. A high number of downloads led to high ratings in the app store, and high ratings led to organic growth. So many companies went to success by stimulating downloads in various ways. However, times are changing. Apple has changed the algorithm of ratings, cutting off oxygen to those who used a similar method of promotion. So now mobile app developers need to work in several directions at once to achieve successful results. 

And that’s what they need to pay attention to first of all today: 

1. Simplicity 

Organic growth is great, it’s the best thing that can happen to your application. But people won’t use your app, much less advise their friends if they don’t understand how to use it, or how exactly to play it. The secret of the success of popular programs is not only in the original mechanics or graphics, but also in an excellent, responsive interface. A boring and incomprehensible application, no matter what funds are spent on its promotion, will not keep users. 

2. Public relations

We are not talking about press releases, but about personal communication with those publications, websites, blogs that your application may be interested in. Meet the reviewers, tell them about the game before the release, show the game, share promo codes and give interviews. Your PR activity on the eve of the release will create a buzz around the project, attract the attention of users, and therefore promote it in the top. 

3. Mobile Marketing

It is important not only that the game is polished, but also that its marketing is on top. Cooperation with mobile advertising networks will attract loyal users to you, and creative advertising on popular sites will increase brand awareness.

4. Social Media

You have to decide which social channels are best suited to promote your project. You can open your own blog, or you can use social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube. Each of them has its pros and cons. Pay attention, first of all, to those of them that already have those users that you plan to interest in your application. A positive response on a social network also leads to an increase in the user base.    

5. Business model

People like to download apps for free. So don’t disappoint them. Release two versions of your application: paid and stripped-down, thanks to which the user will be able to get acquainted with the program for free.

The download rate of free apps is much higher than that of paid apps. So, if your program has a free version, many more users will get acquainted with it. The more downloads, the more potential buyers, which means, perhaps, more revenue. 

Of course, not all of the suggested tips are universal, but some of them will definitely help you in your promotion. 

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