Kindle Fire is losing popularity

In six months, interest in the budget device of Amazon has fallen by almost two-thirds. Analysts are sure that such a decline is due to the fact that many users are dissatisfied with it, despite its low cost. 

Interest in Kindle Fire in the USA is fading. According to a new study conducted by ChangeWave Research in May, only 8% of respondents in the region who are going to buy a tablet planned to buy this particular device. 

Recall that in November 2011 the situation was different. 22% of respondents were going to buy an Amazon tablet. In other words, the demand for Kindle Fire has fallen by 14% in just over six months. For comparison, 72% of respondents planned to get an Apple tablet computer in May. 

The reason for the decline in user interest, according to some analysts, is the following: the level of satisfaction with the Kindle Fire device is much less than, for example, the level of satisfaction with the iPad.

A little remark about the level of satisfaction: surveys are often conducted in the USA, during which people are asked if they are satisfied with one or another of their purchases. On the basis of this research, the so-called level of satisfaction with a particular product is formed.

Another reason is, banal, the age of the tablet. Since the release of the Kindle Fire in November last year, a large number of rather curious Android-based solutions have been released, and Apple has managed to release a new iPad.

In addition, it is likely that the official markdown of the iPad 2 also played a role in reducing user interest in the Kindle Fire. 

Yes, a curious fact: in March, there were 1% fewer people going to buy a Kindle Fire than in May. A positive trend? Definitely. The question is, how long will it last? By the way, this trend may well be associated with the appearance of f2p games on the platform (Amazon implemented API support necessary for the functioning of such projects in the second half of spring). 

At the moment, Amazon is rumored to be preparing the next device in the series, which, if released in the fall, will be in a very difficult competitive environment. On the one hand, Kindle Fire 2 will be crowded by Android tablets based on the budget Tegra 3, on the other – original devices with Windows 8 on board. In addition, many consider the appearance of the iPad mini likely. 

Will the Kindle Fire 2 be able to oppose them with anything? We’ll find out by Christmas.  

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