Sony and HTC are now together

Sony has added HTC to its PlayStation Certified license program. This means that in the near future, games that were previously intended exclusively for mobile devices under the PlayStation brand will appear on the Korean company’s Android smartphones. 

By increasing the number of certified devices on the market, Sony hopes to attract a new audience to the PlayStation Suite framework, which, by the way, is now called PlayStation Mobile. In other words, developing games exclusively for smartphones and Sony’s mobile console is quite risky: the audience for its devices is relatively modest. But in the case of an alliance with HTC, the PlayStation Store market can become a tasty morsel for developers. 

Against this background, Sony’s statement that it is going to position PlayStation Mobile as a new platform is no longer surprising. 

By the way, certified phones already support a number of games for PSone. However, who needs them today is not entirely clear: most of the new projects for iOS and Android look much better, and there are no problems with managing them. 

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