Android's Popularity is falling

Analysts from comScore shared the latest data on the American market of mobile phones, smartphones and operating systems. It turned out that Apple is doing the best right now, but Android may soon have to tighten its belt. 

According to the latest comScore report, Apple has increased its share in the US mobile phone market since January this year by 1.6% to 14.4%. The share of Samsung’s presence also increased, but “only” by 0.5%, reaching 25.9% of the market. As for the rest of the companies, their positions only fell. The shares of LG, Motorola and HTC lost 0.5%, 0.7% and 0.4% in three months (from January to April), respectively. Speaking only about the smartphone market, Apple’s share has grown by an even more significant 1.9%. Now the “Apple” company has 31.4% of the American smartphone market.

comScore also found that due to a significant increase in users, Windows Phone has seen growth for the first time in five months. If in February 2012 the share of Windows phone users was 3.9%, then in April their growth was already 4%. As for the total share of Microsoft, the rate of its decline has greatly decreased. If in November 2011 – February 2012 the drop was 1.3%, then in January 2012 – April 2012 the share of presence decreased by only 0.4%. 

But things are not going well for Android. Despite the fact that during the reporting period, the growth of the platform in the smartphone market amounted to a decent 2.2%, thereby covering 50.8% of the American market, the growth rates themselves have noticeably decreased. According to comScore, in November 2011 – February 2012, the growth was 3.2%.

Moreover, analysts claim that the growth in the number of Android platform users has been falling for the fourth month in a row. However, it is impossible to do without an important remark: now the total number of weekly smartphone activations is also falling. Most likely, this is a consequence of the record Christmas results. So, perhaps very soon we will again witness an increase in the growth rate of Android (sales of Samsung Galaxy III will clearly contribute to this). 

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