Molyneux takes to the mobile trail

Peter Molyneux, the former head of Lionhead and Bullfrog, the creator and ideologue of games such as Fable, Black& White and Dungeon Keeper, announced a mobile experimental application Curiosity.

More and more celebrities of the “big” industry are moving under the standard of the mobile industry. This time, Peter Molyneux, a real British celebrity, a veteran of the console and PC industry, well known for both his hit projects and his love of shocking the audience with loud statements a la “trees will grow in our role-playing game,” announced his plans to develop games for iOS. However, this time Peter did without pretentious and obviously impossible promises.  

According to him, in six weeks, the debut game of his new studio 22 Cans – Curiosity will appear on iOS and PC. As we understood, in it the user will solve one giant puzzle. The essence of the latter boils down to an attempt to penetrate a giant cube by moving (or breaking – it’s not very clear yet) from position to position the miniature cubes of which it consists. 

According to Muline, it will be extremely interesting for players to find out what exactly is inside the cube. Actually, for this reason, the game is called Curiosity. Whether the creator of console hits will succeed with the mobile audience, we will find out very soon – before the end of July. 

By the way, the project is being developed as part of a series of downloadable applications codenamed 22 Experiments. It is unknown whether all of them, like Curiosity, will be focused, including on mobile devices.

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