The dead are coming

As part of the E3 gaming exhibition taking place in Los Angeles, the creators of Shadowgun announced a new game – Dead Trigger, and also demonstrated the power of the latest version of the Unity engine by its example.

In the game, developers from Madfinger Games tell a story that is not devoid of urgency: during the economic crisis, money loses its value, and people around the world rebel against politicians, whom the crisis has only made richer. But those “who really ruled the world were ready for this: they disappear, leaving billions of people to die from a mysterious virus that turns many infected into bloodthirsty monsters.” From them in the game, in fact, it is necessary to escape.

However, we would not write about this project because of its history.

It’s all about the schedule. A month ago – after the release of NOVA 3 – it seemed to us that a certain technological peak had been reached, which would not be overcome on mobile platforms soon. It turned out that soon. Moreover, given the great popularity of Unity (we remind you that about half of mobile developers use it in their developments), such graphics (in our subjective opinion, of the Doom 3 level) will become the standard on mobile platforms in the very near future.

Speaking about the technical features of the project, we should mention “advanced lighting and post-processing”, “character animation using motion captcher” and ragdoll support. One of the interesting features is the possibility of shooting off the limbs of opponents.

The game will be released this month.

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