Death Rally – 10 million installations

Looking at the success of their Death Rally, Finnish developers from Remedy are going to focus on developing mobile games.

The Finnish company Remedy until recently was known mainly thanks to major console games – Max Payne and Alan Wake. But the success of the mobile version of Death Rally, a remake of their own project of the early 90s, brought the development team to the arena of the stars of the iOS and Android market.

Today, the company announced that the number of installations of paid and free versions of the game (the second, by the way, was developed by an external team) has reached a significant 10 million on both platforms.

We are very excited about the results of the Death Rally. 10 million downloads and 100 million gaming sessions is a serious stage,” said Matias Myllyrinne, executive director of Remedy.

So now Remedy is recruiting employees into an internal team to develop games for smartphones and tablets. However, it is not known what exactly the team is working on at the moment.


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