Distimo about the American market

Along with the release of the new service, Distimo shared interesting data about the American mobile app market over the past April: Google Play overtook the number of free downloads of the App Store; 37% of the most successful applications on the Android market can be found in the iPhone version. 

In terms of the number of free downloads, the Google Play platform in the USA has overtaken the App Store in the iPhone version. Distimo specialists told about this in their new report. However, if you add up the share of iPhone and iPad markets, the situation will radically change. 

Based on the graph, Distimo experts make a trivial conclusion: if you want to be successful, port the game to as many platforms as possible. Right there they cite an already fairly familiar example – the Angry Birds Space game, which the Finnish creators released immediately on Android, iOS, and even on Mac.

The graph below serves as another proof: it demonstrates that most popular applications are present on multiple platforms. For example, 37% of the most successful apps from the top 300 Google Play are also available on the iPhone App Store.

Distimo drew all these beautiful graphics for a reason. The fact is that the company is presenting a new service – AppLink, “which allows you to create one short URL for an application available on several platforms at once, as well as track those users who are interested in this application, but whose platform is not yet supported by developers.” 

In other words, AppLink, apparently, helps to find out the potential demand for a particular application even before its release on a particular platform.           

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