The growth rate of free games on iOS (May 20 - 30)

The most popular free game on iPhone and iPad is Cut the Rope: Experiments from the domestic ZeptoLab team. In terms of growth rates, Hide the Fart, an ugly-looking gas emission simulator, turned out to be ahead of everyone. Subway Surfers and MiB 3 also performed well.

Cut the Rope: Experiments

The full version of Cut the Rope: Experiments has been the most popular free iOS gaming application on both iPhone and iPad for the fifth day.

The fact is that on May 24, the developers made their application free for an indefinite time. Judging by the current position of the game in the top, few were able to pass by such a wonderful gift.

Apple’s feature of the game in the Free App of The Day category also played a role in the promotion of the application. Its essence, as we have already written, boils down to the company’s promotion of paid applications that have become temporarily free.

Hide the Fart

An unexpectedly high rate of downloads was demonstrated by the scary Hide the Fart project. In 10 days, the game about gases gained 1 million installations.

This is all the more surprising with an average score of 2.5 points. Anyway, in a week the app jumped from the 338th position in the gaming top for iPhone to the 2nd.

Subway Surfers

Last week, the Subway Surfers project, a colorful clone of Temple Run from Kiloo Games, the authors of Frisbee Forever, also shot. On the second day after the release, it was on the 15th place in the top of free games for iPhone, on the third it was already in the top 5.

Yesterday, the game ranked third in the top for iPhone and second in the top games for iPad.

Man in Black 3

Speaking of high-profile releases, of course, it is impossible to bypass Man in Black 3, a very good free-2-play sim from Gameloft, which was bypassed by the “curse of games made under license“.

The game, since last Thursday, has been steadily rising both in the top of free applications and in the top of cash applications. If we talk about the first top, then yesterday the project was in seventh place in the iPhone version and in third position in the iPad version.

And tomorrow we will share with you, as always, the latest box office reports.

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