In April, everything is calm

Last April, the number of downloads of free apps in the American App Store continued to decline, as for the cost of attracting a loyal user, it, on the contrary, increased,” says Fiksu in its next monthly report. 

Disappointing news: downloads in the US are still declining, although there is no such rapid collapse as last month. Since the drop this month was relatively insignificant – from 4.45 million per day to 4.23 million, we can say that the number of downloads still remains at the level of September-October last year. 

The reason may be both Apple’s ongoing war with bots and the lack of major releases in April. By the way, the executive director of Fiksu Micah Adler also speaks about the latter: “The fact that downloads will go down was expected, no major events were planned this month.”  

At the peak of the drop in downloads, the cost of attracting a loyal user increased by 16 cents in a month, thereby almost reaching the level of October-November 2011. Adler attributes this to the fact that after the construction of the Christmas quarter, marketers again began to aggressively invest in advertising applications.  

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