Angry Birds doesn't launch on new Nokia phones

It turned out that the younger models of Nokia smartphones with Windows Phone on board do not support a number of the most popular applications of the platform. Including Angry Birds and PES 2012.

During the testing of the Lumia 610 in the version for the European and Asian markets, the journalists of the Spanish Windows Phone Apps website found out that it is impossible to download not only the above-mentioned projects, but also Skype. The whole point, it turns out, is the lack of RAM of the new model. 

Users who want to download their favorite application to the Lumia 610 instead receive a notification informing them that the program or game “requires more RAM than this device.”

Blocking for devices with 256 MB of RAM, by the way, was installed by Nokia, not Microsoft. Thus, the Finnish company avoided criticism that, they say, Windows Phone apps are slowing down on its devices. They don’t slow down, because they simply aren’t there. 

In addition, such a step is a very peculiar solution to the fragmentation problem that has plagued the same Android since its launch. That is, instead of once again straining developers, forcing them to optimize the operation of the application, Nokia simply took and banned the use of applications to all those who have the “wrong” phone.   

Anyway, Microsoft, in turn, stated that 95% developed for Tango – the next major Windows Phone update – will work on devices with 256 MB of RAM. However, what will happen to the applications developed for the current version – Mango, is not entirely clear, and how these 95% will work is also a question. 

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